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2023 NAPPC Conference Recap

Pollinator Partnership

18 oct 2023

2023 Award Winners

On October 17, 2023, this year’s award winners from the United States, Canada, and Mexico were honored by Pollinator Partnership and the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) during the NAPPC Conference Award Ceremony hosted at US EPA Headquarters in Washington DC. NAPPC hopes that in lifting up these remarkable individuals and organizations, others will be inspired to create real change for pollinators in their communities.(...)

Maria del Rocío Meneses Ramirez, Paraíso Colibrí


Led by Maria del Rocío Meneses Ramirez, Paraíso Colibrí is an organization focused on the propagation and divulgation of native pollinator plants. Based in Puebla, México, Paraíso Colibrí started in 2016 out of a need to supply the lacking market for native Mexican plants that offer food resources to hummingbirds and other pollinators in urban areas. Paraíso Colibrí became the first nursery specializing in producing pollinator plants in México. Paraíso Colibrí also oversees an educational initiative that helps to spread awareness of pollinator importance, biodiversity green areas, and transform urban spaces into green places that offer native habitats for pollinators. Paraíso Colibrí offers workshops and talks to public and private institutions, such as schools and industries, working with kids, young, and adults. The organization also collaborates with other groups and governmental institutions to train new producers and landscapers for producing and using native plants in urban green spaces. The stated purpose of Paraiso Colibrí is to contribute to creating resilient cities for pollinators and sharing our knowledge about pollinator plants with others.

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